Due to the regulation concerning the transport of firearm, if you want to bring your personal weapon, before arriving in Spain you will have to get an authorization from the Spanish Embassy in USA  (click here for the complete list of Spanish Embassy in USA)

   In order to get this document, you will have to send a letter to the Spanish Consul corresponding to your State explaining the reason of your trip with firearm. With this letter you will enclose information concerning the hunter (Passport, Gun’s License…). Also you will need to enclose the Certificate from Monforte Adventures. After that, the Spanish Consul will send you a letter (authorization).

   Regarding the ammo, the U.S. and Spain has contradictory policies of how to handle ammo. Nevertheless, put your ammo (no more than 11 pounds, IATA regulations) in a metallic or plastic box.

   Once you land in Spain, do not expect your gun showing at the luggage claim, the Police will take it directly out of the plane and transfer it to their office at the airport. So once you collect your luggage, cross Customs, you will come to the black sliding doors, and those is where one member of our stuff will be waiting for you and help you with all the procedures both when you arrive and when you leave Spain.

Important documents you should bring with: 

Photocopy & original:

  • Passport
  • Firearms permit
  • Invitation letter to prove that you are coming hunting (we are going to provide it to you)
  • Certificate of Gun Importation issued in the Spanish Consulate. Please, contact them for further information or e-mail us.

   If you don’t want to avoid all these procedures and make your trip much relaxed and without headaches we can provide you a suitable firearm here.


Spanish Embassy and consulates in the United States of America